Project Description

Project Brief

When Qatar took on sponsorship of the iconic Glorious Goodwood festival, it was decided such a special event needed the look and feel of real ceremony; and the idea of the Goodwood Flag Project was born. Seventy seven 2.5m x 6m flags produced, permanent pole sockets added around site and a carefully plotted random design of colours creates a beautiful sense of movement and extravagance for racegoers and TV viewers alike.

More on the Qatar Goodwood Festival

Goodwood’s unique vista and rolling landscape also provided a challenge at the winning line as it wasn’t easy to build a large temporary frame for a finish device – at least not one worthy of the prestige of the event. So we developed a triangular finish structure with large mesh banners that marked the winning line from all angles of the course without blocking the view or access from the car parks in the centre of the course.

As title sponsors, Qatar also have rights to the majority of the racecourse signage, so we had fun developing and producing other branded items for the Qatar Goodwood Festival, including bespoke burgundy and white striped furlong marker poles, branded horsewalk lollipop signs, smaller pennant flags, cut to shape logos for the presentation podium and old saddling box hut, and some really beautiful embroidered winners rugs for the Group 1 races.

At RTA we also look after the on-course branding for the Goodwood racecourse partners and sponsors throughout the year, producing and installing the signage and supplying all the soft branding requirements for the prestigious Qatar Goodwood Festival.