Project Description

This June Royal Ascot has returned, offering five-days of incomparable entertainment for horseracing fans across the world.

Kicking off on the 14th of June with the traditional daily Royal Procession – returning this year for the first time since 2019 – the event revolves around world-class racing, magnificent fashion, and exquisite fine dining, creating a magical experience for the 60,000 racegoers entering the venue each day. RTA Publicity have had the honour to work closely with Ascot on the branding and signage installed across the racecourse, contributing to the overall magical look and feel of the event.

What is the origin of Royal Ascot?

Located in the heart of Berkshire, Ascot Racecourse is used for thoroughbred horseracing, famous especially for Royal Ascot, the prestigious festival hosted in June every year. Considered one of the leading racecourses in Britain, Ascot is also the home to nine of the 32 annual Group One races taking place in the UK.

Founded at the beginning of the 18th century by Queen Anne, it wasn’t until 1911 – 200 years after its foundation – that the summer race meeting held at Ascot Racecourse became a Royal Week. Following in Queen Anne’s footsteps, a further eleven monarchs offered their patronage to the racecourse, and Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II herself is now an influential owner and breeder of thoroughbred horses.

Thanks to its illustrious origins and its proximity to Windsor Castle (approximately 6 miles), Ascot is closely associated with the Royal Family, with members regularly attending every year. Each of the five days is kicked off by the Royal Procession, a tradition started by King George IV in 1825, where the Royal party arrive in a parade of horse-drawn carriages down the racetrack. The lead carriage is pulled by the striking Windsor Grey horses and usually carries the Queen or her representative senior Royals, with the other three following carriages containing chosen invited guests.

Racing, Fashion & Fine Dining

Over the years, Royal Ascot has established itself as a key event for the British public, to the point where the horse racing is only one aspect of it. In fact, the five-day event revolves not only around world-class racing but is also famous for its fine dining and high fashion.

Known as a showcase for extravagant gowns and headpieces, Ascot offers the perfect opportunity to dust off your best shoes and put together an ensemble worthy of the Royal Family!

The hospitality at Ascot is also world-famous with fine dining restaurants and private hospitality suites across the site, as well as the champagne bars and even has its own cocktail – the Ascot Blush.

But the horseracing is the true star of the show and Ascot have been exceptionally proactive in targeting and attracting some of the best racehorses around the world to come and race at the Royal Meeting, making it a truly top class and International event. This also makes Royal Ascot one of the biggest events of the year for the betting industry.

And then each day finishes with a traditional sing-along around the bandstand in the Queen Anne Enclosure, where the crowds gather to round off the day by singing some well known tunes accompanied by the Royal Ascot band!

Our work at Ascot Racecourse

Throughout the year, we work closely with Ascot Racecourse, producing and installing signage across the site and for race partners and sponsors, including rebranding the site as Royal Ascot for the five days of the Royal meeting. To give you a glimpse into our work at the venue, we have put together a gallery of images including:

  • Directional and wayfinding signage we install around the external areas and car parks for the arriving racegoers
  • Wayfinding totems and maps to help racegoers navigate around the enclosures during the raceday
  • Royal Enclosure branding, the most iconic and exclusive area of the racecourse
  • Building and branding the unique Royal Ascot winning line structure – with its striking floral display and built-in race clock, the Royal Ascot finish device is one of a kind.
  • Temporary bar and restaurant branding to dress the temporary hospitality structures built for the event
  • Sponsor and Partner signage – brand exposure for Ascots valued sponsors and partners
  • The iconic Union Jack core banners on the face of Ascots magnificent Grandstand building
  • The finishing touches – all the fine details that enhance the look and feel of the venue, the pictures, graphics, flags and interest points across the site
  • Lots of Union Jack bunting for that truly British feel!